Did you move into a newly-built home? Most new constructions include a one year warranty offered by the builder. It may seem unnecessary to get a brand new home inspected, but here are some reasons to order an 11th-month warranty inspection before the warranty expires.

Don’t Rely on the Code Inspection

The municipal building inspector looked over your home’s structure and systems before your move-in day. However, it’s important to understand that local building codes make sure a home is built according to minimum standards. Defects may be overlooked with a basic code inspection.

This isn’t to suggest that municipal inspectors don’t do their jobs correctly. They are only required to verify that the home meets minimum requirements. They don’t have the time to examine every aspect of the building like a third-party inspector. Unfortunately, some brand new homes are built with defects that can cost homeowners a lot of money in repairs later.

11th-Month Warranty Inspection Finds Defects in New Homes

A newly built home isn’t necessarily free from issues. Sometimes a defect isn’t apparent when you move in, but becomes a problem after a couple months of use.

Issues with roofing may show up during the first year living in your new home. Leaks in your roof can cause costly repairs or even health problems due to mold growth. New homes may be built with electrical wires left unsecured, ungrounded, or even cut, leading to potential fire hazards. These are just a couple of examples of problems that can arise with new construction.

Home Inspection Before Move-In

You might think you can forego an 11th-month warranty inspection because there was a final inspection before you moved in. Homes start to settle after a short amount of time. Building materials contract and expand as the weather changes and the environment takes its toll. Problems may occur months later that an 11th-month warranty inspection will discover.

Save Money With an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

You invested a lot of money when purchasing your new home. An 11th-month inspection is worth the the additional fee because it will potentially save you money. Filing a warranty claim for a defect will often save you more than the cost of the inspection. Small defects often turn into major and costly issues down the road. Get them taken care of now, when the builder is still responsible for making repairs.

Prepare for a Future Sale

You’re probably not thinking about selling your house already, but you might move someday. It’s better to have your builder pay for problems covered by the warranty than have to foot the bill for repairs when you sell the home. An 11th-month warranty inspection will help you protect your investment.

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