Gutters protect your house from water and moisture damage by directing rainwater away from the home. However, if they are dirty and filled with leaves, nests, dirt, and other debris, the home is at risk for damage. Inspect the gutters regularly to ensure they’re clean. If you see overflowing water or debris, call a professional or plan to clean the gutters yourself.


Signs it’s Time to Clean the Gutters

Most homeowners schedule gutter cleaning twice per year, but your gutters may need to be cleaned more often. If you notice they are filled with leaves, sticks, and stems, it’s time to call a professional to clean the gutters. Other signs that mean it’s time to tackle this task include:


– staining on the siding of your home
– sagging or drooping gutters
– gutters that are cracked or damaged


Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

Well-maintained gutters last longer. They provide protection for your home and help prevent costly damages to the structure and foundation of the home. Additional benefits of gutter cleaning include:


– protect your siding from moisture damage
– prevent foundation and structural damage
– lower likelihood of pest infestation, including ants, mice, and termites
– help prevent mold growth in the home


Gutter Cleaning Costs

When it’s time to clean the gutters, the cost is one of the first concerns. Rest assured that, while prices vary from one company to the next, gutter cleaning costs are within reason, even for a modest budget. Request estimates from three or four companies, compare rates, and choose the best contractor for your needs. On average, homeowners spend $200 or less to clean their gutters when they hire a company.


You can tackle the job yourself with a ladder and some basic tools. Have a friend or family member assist. You’ll want someone to stabilize the ladder for safety.


Clean the Gutters & Protect Your Home

You’ve taken a step toward protecting your home if you have installed gutters. Inspect them regularly and schedule professional gutter cleaning at least twice a year.


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