If you have an outdoor deck, you want to get the most use out of it as possible. Ideally, you can spend time on it during the day, in the rain, and at night. Here are some DIY deck upgrades that will make your deck more inviting in all conditions.


DIY Deck Upgrades for Lighting

Deck lighting makes the deck safer and more enjoyable at night. There should be a light fixture on one or both sides of the door that leads out to the deck along with other light sources. An umbrella with built-in lights is a great option.


Solar-powered lights on the fronts of the steps leading up to the deck make the stairs safer. String lights overhead provide a warm and festive ambiance. This is a DIY deck upgrade that doesn’t cost much money.


Maintain the Deck

Your deck will stay in better shape over the years if you complete maintenance tasks periodically. If it is made from pressure-treated wood, which is the most common deck material, you should sand the deck down and reapply a stain/sealant product at least every other year. This will keep your deck from rotting and splintering, making it safer and more attractive for longer.


Add an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug defines the space and adds color to the deck. Rugs specifically made for decks are waterproof and easy to clean with a hose. Choose a rug with colors that complement your home.


DIY Deck Upgrades for Shade

Every deck needs some shade so that you can enjoy spending time there on a hot and sunny day. A large outdoor umbrella provides a patch of shade and can double as a light source if it has built-in solar lights.


Installing a shade sail over the area will protect the whole deck from sun and rain. You may need to install posts on the deck railing to attach the material. Even a potted tree can provide a shady spot on the deck.


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