When It’s Time to Organize Your Garage

Has your garage turned into a catch-all area where you have to dig around to find anything? This means it is time to take action before it gets any worse. Here are four ways to tame the mess, organize your garage, and keep it tidy moving forward.

1. Clean Out the Garage First

You can’t begin to organize your garage until you clean it out. There are probably many items in the garage that you forgot about and don’t even want or need. Empty everything out of it and keep only the items that belong in the garage.

2. Designate Areas for Everything That Make Sense

Think about where the best places are for all of the different things that are stored in your garage. Most of them are things that you need to get to easily.

  • If you have a pantry area, you’ll want that located near the door leading into the house.
  • Any lawn care equipment should be near the overhead door or another exterior door.
  • All of your tools should be in one area where you could easily access them.
  • If you have kids, any toys would need their own area, away from dangerous tools like saws and hatchets.
  • Storage bins should all be kept together on shelves.

3. Use the Walls to Organize Your Garage

The best way to keep things organized is to keep them off the floor. This technique also helps save space for parking your car in the garage. Whether the walls in your garage are finished or not, they are perfect for storing a lot of different items. Install shelves for storage bins, a peg board, and hooks for hanging yard tools.

4. Use Your Garage Ceiling

  • Overhead space is valuable real estate in the garage to store large items.
  • Bicycles can hang from hooks.
  • Shelves can be suspended from the ceiling for storage areas.
  • You could even install long rods or piping side-by-side to hold longer items near the ceiling.

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