Closets are used to store shoes, clothing, and other miscellaneous items. When they’re organized well, they are useful storage spaces. A disorganized and messy closet is not so useful. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out these simple tips for organizing your closets.


Simple Steps for Organizing Your Closets

1. Empty and Clean Them

It’s best to start with a clean slate when decluttering a space. Clear everything out of the closet. Not only does this set you up for new organization methods, but it also lets you easily see what you have. Many times, items get stuck in the back of a closet and forgotten.


2. Sort by Category

Once the items are out of the closet, sort them into categories. This will make it easier to see what you have and you can organize the items as they go back into the closet. For example, putting all of the winter coats in one area of the closet makes it easy to find them when needed. Make a “discard” pile as you’re sorting to get rid of items you no longer want.


3. Add Racks and Shoe Holders

If the closet is just one large open space, then you may not be using it to its full potential. A shoe rack at the bottom of the closet or hanging vertically helps keep shoes organized. Adding in shelves and hooks is a great way to structure your closet.


Before deciding on what you need, group your items by how they need to be stored. Do you fold a lot of your clothing? Install shelves. Are most of the items hanging? Be sure to leave enough space for all your hangers.


4. Store Items by Frequency

Some of the items in your closet are used often and some are only used occasionally. When it comes to organizing your closets, you want the items you frequently use within easy reach.


Store items that you don’t use often in the back or high on a shelf. Winter scarves, hats, or fancy dresses are all items that tend to have limited use. Consider how often you wear or use certain items to decide where to store them.


5. Use Drawer Dividers When Organizing Your Closets

Drawers are great options when you have lots of smaller items stored in the closet. However, it’s easy for them to get mixed up. Add drawer dividers to create natural segments that small items such as socks or scarves can fit in easily.


Finally, make sure that you give yourself enough time to get organized so that you don’t rush through the process.


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