Painting the inside of your home is one of the most impactful ways to improve the appearance and raise its value. Here are some of the best tips to help you paint like a pro and get successful results.

Avoid Painting On a Rainy Day

It is best to wait for dry weather to paint because humidity can result in dripping walls and slow drying. However, if you have to paint on a rainy day, you should take your time to paint like a pro. Correct your mistakes as the paint slowly dries, and wait until the first coat is completely dry to move to the next. An uneven coating will show after the paint dries.

Prepare the Surface Thoroughly

Before you start applying fresh paint or primer, remove flakes, peels, and cracks by lightly scraping or sanding the surface, followed by cleaning the wall. If you don’t address the wall damage beforehand, you will end up wasting your money and time on a poor outcome.

Wash any greasy areas with soap and rinse and dry properly. Alternatively, if you are short on time, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface to remove dust.

Paint Like a Pro With the Best Supplies

Never pinch pennies on painting equipment if you want to paint like a pro. For example, high-quality roller covers and brushes will provide better coverage, and you will not have to waste expensive paint and time on re-application. Purchase premium paint to apply fewer coats and get a smoother finish.

Select the type of rollers and brushes that are suitable for your painting job. Using an extension pole will help you reach the maximum area without straining yourself.

Use a Thick Nap

A thick nap on your roller cover will provide better coverage by reaching into the crevices of a textured wall. However, too much thickness may add unwanted texture. Provide full details to your salesperson about what you are painting when selecting your materials.

Protect Your House to Paint Like a Pro

You have to cover everything you don’t want to get paint on: furniture, floor, hardware, doorknobs, etc. Use drop cloths to cover big items. In addition, securing small plastic sandwich bags with tape is a quick way to protect doorknobs from paint stains. You may be tempted to skip such small things, but don’t be impatient. Remove all outlet and light switch covers before starting the paint job.

The Importance of Primers

If you have a smooth and clean surface, paint-primer combinations are usually fine, but use a separate primer if the old paint is more than eight years old or the surface has some issues. Similarly, it is important to use a primer to cover dark surfaces with a lighter color.

Boxing For Consistency

Boxing your paint will help you maintain color consistency everywhere. First, you have to make a realistic estimate of paint with the help of a salesperson and buy all of the paint at once. Then, mix all the paint into one large container, also known as boxing the paint.

Work From Top to Bottom to Paint Like a Pro

First, use a brush to cut your edges at the baseboard and ceiling. Next, use the roller to apply paint from top to bottom. Finally, paint over your mistakes while working downwards from the ceiling to the bottom of your wall.

It takes planning, preparation, and meticulous execution to paint like a pro. These practical tips will save you time and money.

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