Winter is a great time to tackle indoor projects since it’s cold outside. Spend time remodeling and making upgrades to your home with these projects for winter home improvements.


Painting Interior Walls is a Great Winter Home Improvement Project

You’re cooped up during the colder months, so painting is a perfect project for winter. Update the interior of your house and increase your property value. Plus, you can spend your winter enjoying the fresh color on your newly painted walls.


Seal Gaps and Cracks Around the Home

Examine your house for any air leaks, and seal openings, gaps, and cracks around windows and doors. This is one of the best projects for winter to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You’ll enjoy a warmer house and a lower utility bill.


Replace the caulking around doors and windows and apply improved weatherstripping. Along with lowering energy costs, you’ll also reduce noise from outside, be better able to control humidity, and decrease the chances of insects or other pests moving into your home.


Projects for Winter Include Installing a Better Thermostat

Another way to save money on your energy bills is to install a programmable thermostat. This helps regulate the temperature inside your home automatically. Many models allow you to set the temperature remotely so you can adjust it when no one is home. This is also helpful if you forget to lower or raise the thermostat after leaving for a vacation.


Add a Tile Backsplash in the Bathrooms and Kitchen

Winter is a good time to add personality to your kitchen and bathrooms. Add a tile backsplash behind the sink for a boost of color and texture. This is a simple and affordable winter project to improve your kitchen and bathrooms. Along with this update, you could also repaint the cabinets or, for an even easier project, upgrade your cabinet hardware.


Decorate with Crown Molding

Adding decorative molding is one of the more affordable projects for winter. Molding is available in different materials including wood, wood composites, and polyurethane trims. Wood will be the most expensive, but you can save some money by painting or staining it yourself. Polyurethane is inexpensive and lightweight, making it a great choice for detailed, decorative molding.


Re-Painting Your Doors is One of the Easiest Projects for Winter

When tackling home improvements, save money by refurbishing your doors instead of buying new ones. Remove your doors, sand them down, add paint or stain, and you’ve updated your home. It doesn’t take much to get started on this winter project. Brighten up your bathroom, bedroom, or front door and enjoy the new look.


These winter home improvement projects will keep you busy all season long. You’ll be productive and proud of the improvements you’ve made throughout your home.


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