Cutting down on water consumption at home isn’t just good for your bank account; it’s also good for the environment. Decreasing the amount of electricity, water, and gas you use also reduces pollution and saves precious resources. At the same time, you’ll save money. Here are four easy things you can do to save water at home.

Save Water at Home in the Morning

Many people begin the day with a shower. Cutting the time we spend bathing lowers the overall consumption of water in our homes. Another great way to save water is to install a low-flow showerhead. This is easy to do and only requires a pair of pliers and pipe-thread tape. In just a couple of minutes, you can switch the showerhead and get started saving water at home, without sacrificing water pressure in the shower.

Make Use of Free Water

One of the best ways to save water at home is to make use of rainwater water from your gutters. Install a rain barrel as a collection container. Connecting just one of your gutter downspouts to a barrel can provide enough water to irrigate the lawn, water the garden, or perform tasks that would otherwise contribute to your water bill. An added bonus is that a water barrel will reduce the runoff from your gutter system, potentially reducing or eliminating muddy areas in your yard.

Locate and Identify Plumbing Leaks

It’s one thing to spend money on water that is used, but no one wants to pay for water that they aren’t using. With many plumbing fixtures and pipes inside a home, there’s always the risk of a dripping faucet, leaking toilet, or a broken service line under the yard. You can help determine if such a plumbing leak is present by checking your water meter before bed. Photograph or make note of its reading and check it again in the morning. If it has changed and no one turned on the water, you have a leak somewhere.

Displacement to Save Water at Home

Most older toilets use a lot of water, but there is a simple remedy that doesn’t require buying a new unit. Fill an empty bottle with water or sand, and place it inside the tank. You’ll save water every time you flush. You can also purchase displacement bags made just for this purpose that are flexible and fit around tank components. Less room in the tank means less water per flush.


Saving water at home is good for everybody. When you reduce your usage and waste, you decrease your water bill and impact on the environment. These simple steps for saving water at home benefit your finances, your utility provider, and the Earth.


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