You may be thinking about renovating your house to increase its value or expand your home. Remodeling makes your property more appealing and may even provide more living space for your family. When planning a renovation, you should decide where to store your belongings during the project. Here are a few ideas for storage during remodeling.


Store Items at a Storage Facility

Storing your belongings off the property is a great solution when you’re worried things will be in the way. Not all storage firms are the same, though. Take time to learn about the facility and find the right fit.


Ask local storage companies about their security. Do they have someone manning the entrance at all times? Do they have cameras monitoring your unit? Some companies will even offer to pick up your items and move them into the unit for you and then move your belongings back once your renovations are complete.


Rent a Portable Container for Storage During Remodeling

If you have possessions you’ll need to access, a storage facility might not be the best option. In this case, rent a storage container during your remodel. These containers are dropped off and stored on-site so that your belongings will be available when you need them.


The flexibility of a storage unit on your property is appealing. These containers can accommodate almost any household furnishings, including exercise equipment, boxes, entertainment cabinets, bookshelves, and other large pieces of furniture. Look for a company that offers the best price for the size and delivery options. It’s usually better to order a larger size so that you don’t risk running out of storage space during your renovations.


Storage During Remodeling: Space Inside Your Home

It might be possible to move your things away from the remodeling project to another place in your home. Do you have a vacant guest room, an area in the garage, or a basement corner where you can stow items? The renovations are temporary and soon you’ll have your living spaces back. You’ll save money if you can rearrange things for a short while and store belongings in your own home.


Hire Movers

Unless you’re storing your belongings in your own house, consider hiring movers for the labor. Moving large furniture can result in injury. Hire help, even if it’s only for moving large items from your home to a driveway storage unit. Research the moving company, get at least three quotes, and make sure they are insured and licensed.


Additional Storage Tips

To make it easier to access your belongings, here are a few tips for storage.

  • Leave space between boxes. This is especially important when storing possessions on your property that you may need to access during the remodeling project.
  • Keep the most-used items at the front of the storage space so you can more easily retrieve them.
  • Label your boxes with the contents and color-code them according to the room they belong in.

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