Buying a home is an exciting investment. You’ve budgeted for your mortgage and insurance and planned for updates and renovations. But there’s one detail that you may not have addressed yet. As a new homeowner, you’ll probably want to tackle some home improvement projects and repairs yourself. It’s important to stock your toolbox with these tools every homeowner should have. Over time you’ll add more tools and materials to your home tool kit. To get started, here is a list of basic tools to have on hand.


Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

You’ll use screwdrivers often around the home. Because of this, get several sizes of both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers or a multi-bit screwdriver that you can change out the tip as needed. You may need longer screwdrivers for some projects and shorter ones for projects where the screws are in hard-to-reach places.


A Sturdy, Quality Hammer

A hammer is one of the basic tools every homeowner should have. Add two types to your toolbox: a larger claw hammer for driving in nails and a smaller version for smaller projects and furniture tacks.


Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Include Wrenches

A set of wrenches will come in handy around the house. Wrenches are useful when working on your car, bicycle, or repairing plumbing leaks. The right size wrench makes a job easier. If you’re not much of a handyman, but still find a use for a wrench on occasion, another option is to buy an adjustable wrench for your toolbox.

Heavy-Duty Tape Measure

A tape measure is one of the most basic tools every homeowner should have in their toolbox. You’ll often need to measure things around the house. Whether it is the size of the new couch, room dimensions, or measuring for a new television, a tape measure is a must. To avoid frustration when trying to take measurements on your own, invest a little more money and go for a heavy-duty model with a locking option.

A Drill and Drill Bits are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Drills are useful for installing curtain rods above the window frame. If you live in a home with thick plaster walls, you’ll want a drill to hang pictures and art. A drill will also be helpful for installing stair railings.For a drill that can also serve as a power screwdriver, buy one that includes a screwdriver bit set.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Head out to the hardware store and shop for tools that best fit your needs and budget. You’ll be prepared to tackle your home improvement projects with a well-stocked toolbox.


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